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1. What types of companies are you looking for? Can I still apply if my startup does not meet your exact requirements?

Primarily, at our House of DeepTech, we look for patent-based companies with home traction. Founders who are now the owners of growth-stage startups interested in the European market using Luxembourg as an initial launchpad via our Luxembourg Calling Program or Singapore as the launchpad to the Asia Pacific via our Singapore Calling program. 

We also welcome and encourage all interested MedTech startups to apply to our House of MedTech who is in the last mile of their clinical studies and require CE mark.

We will assess every application with inclusivity and independence. As signatories to the billion-dollar fund for women, we actively screen diverse founders into the portfolio using the Fingerprint for Success human analytics program. 

2. Do you invest in the participating startups of this program?

This is an equity-free pay for play program. While R3i Ventures or R3i Capital may selectively invest in portfolio companies, we do not promise investment in the participating startups of this program. This program is fundamentally a market access program, and investment is not the primary objective.
We understand that fund-raising is a long process, which could happen after the program ends. Therefore, we provide opportunities for our incubated companies to connect and network with key stakeholders in the government funding ecosystem, family offices, and the venture capital industry through our many events and activities. Each opportunity is a chance to participate in deeper due diligence and to start building a longer-term relationship with potential funding partners and investors. 

A deal-desk ru
n by the team at R3i Ventures provides active venture funding acceleration and support on a successful basis. The Deal desk actively connects you to capital and non-dilutive grant funding resources in the European Union.

3. Why are there program fees to participate?
We appreciate that in the early stages, every dollar counts and that founder can have other competing cashflow priorities. While our competitor's programs may offer cash upfront, they often take large slices of your precious equity for next to minimal valuations, which often destroys value in the company, and then still ask you to give the funds back to pay for their programs. We don't agree that's fair. This is why we ask founders to deliver a straight fee for service. In many cases, Founders can even recoup the related expense under your home Government's export program.
Your Program fees of 4K euros per month in Europe or 5K SGD per month in Asia help us cover the program's basic costs. R3i do not look to profit from this program at all. Rather it is priced for our founders at the equivalent cost of a junior marketing person in-country. Instead, the founder receives the total weight and benefit of our seasoned venture building team, including our international networks, resources, and capabilities. This includes program costs such as platform and software subscriptions, navigator and program staff salaries, mentor fees, schedule and founder marketing campaigns, digital events, digital learning on demand, and market access and business development costs. 

See the world’s accelerator and program costs benchmarked
here for comparison.

We also believe that if you are serious about your company's international expansion, a token of your skin in the game also ties you to your program ambitions and focus on execution.

To reduce your burn rate and offset the program's cost, the R3i team has negotiated millions in perks from our partners across every domain of cash burn in our companies. Take advantage of the runway that they offer to your firm today.

4. I have already been funded. Will you work with my VC’s?

R3i collaborates with VC’s worldwide to bring rapid markups to their portfolio companies. We also work with collaborating Venture Capital firms and Government agencies on their portfolio companies and provide a purpose-built platform for their export-ready portfolio companies seeking that expert advisory board and incubation support to reach the next level of valuation and funding access through cross-border scale and an appropriate support package to land and expand effectively.

5. Do I have to be present for the entire duration of the program?

While we encourage startups and their founders to participate in the entire program fully, we understand that scale-up companies often have immediate business needs and obligations to address. It is a requirement that at least one (1) founder attends the program in its entirety. Still, the program is designed around your firm's needs, so you have the opportunity to outline your availability. 
That being said, most masterclasses by mentors and events such as roundtables, panels, and speaker sessions will not be recorded to allow better interactions with the speakers and participants. If you are not present, you will most likely miss out on important content and have the ability to ask questions. Therefore, we highly encourage you to participate as fully as possible.

6. Are flights and accommodation provided for participants?

As responsible investors, this is a net-zero carbon incubator and accelerator program. Given COVID19, this program is designed for complete lockdown style immobility and is intended to be entirely digital. From setting down roots in Luxembourg and Singapore to opening your office to hiring your team, taking on your first clients/partners and raising capital.

7. How many team members can participate in the program?

Typically, a startup would send a minimum of 2 participants to the program. This should include the participation of at least 1 of the co-founders and its regional market head responsible for the success of the European subsidiary. Some have the entire Senior Leadership team across our many program domain topics.
The House of X operates on an entirely digital operating platform. We currently allow up to 5 (“five”) participants per startup. If you should require additional virtual desk space or would like to involve more participants from your startup, kindly let us know.

8. What does the curriculum look like?


9. Sample Market Immersion Content


10. Who are the Navigators who will work with my company?

The House of X is a global community of responsible investors, serial entrepreneurs and founders, pioneers, thinkers and doers, logical pragmatists and intuitive visionaries, experts and generalists, and bright lights that, together, thrive on transformation rather than incremental change. Our global team combines seasoned track records and lessons learned, with passion, creativity, and dedication to help you to accelerate your products and services into the hands of your target partners and customers. We will provide targeted market and industry-specific advice based on your business objectives and priorities. Navigators and mentors are selected in order to provide unique value and contribution to your specific business.

11. Should I apply again if I was previously rejected?

Absolutely. This program has been designed specifically to support early-stage companies in various funding and product development research stages. House of X will run 2 (“two”) cohorts each year, and even if you are not accepted to the current cohort, we encourage you to apply for future opportunities.

12. What happens after the program?

Once you join any of the House of X programs, you will always be part of the House of X and R3i Ventures alumni. While the program only runs for 9 months (3+6) - The relationships and connections built are designed to be the platform that lasts for a lifetime.


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